‘WILD’ Official Music Video




IMG_6959Hey there friends of Tonic Zephyr! Our style and lineup evolved over the last year, and the 4 of us are excited to share the new music we’ve been jamming out!

We’re going ON TOUR January thru February of 2019 here on the West Coast, and we need your help!

Right now, we’re working full time to try to make ends meet as a band, and going on tour will be difficult to juggle, but it must be done! So we’ve turned here to raise some money to offset the costs of lodging, food, gas, uHaul rental, etc! Any amount big or small is greatly appreciated, as we’re trying to spread the word about TZ the only way we know how (remember all your favorite big bands were on this same grind at the beginning of their journey).

This tour will help us reach audiences we’ve never been exposed to and introduce Tonic Zephyr to SoCal! So if you’re a supporter of local music, Rock n’ Roll, and the dreams of 4 young musicians, please donate, and spread the word!

Here is the link to our GoFundMe page!

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Tonic Zephyr @ Ace of Spades

Check out this amazing video our good friend Mary Saengsavanh (IG: @marsavs) put together, featuring our track ‘Tie Dyed Grey’ and our performance at the Sacramento RAW Artists event at Ace of Spades!