Fancy Free

baby i don’t care what’s on your mind. leave your bags at the door, tonight your mine. girl move your feet, we’ve got somewhere to be, out on the floor, fancy free. looky-here babydoll, i know you’ve been wronged, but i aint the one who’s done you harm. i see the lines between your brows, but it aint the time for that now. we’ve got the cure, just you and me, girl let me show you what you need. alright now mama, i know that look- just one glance and honey i’m shook. maybe we could take this out back? alright alright, i’ll call the cab. you’re pulling me along and that’s just what i need. save your breath baby, don’t speak, you’ll need all that energy cause i’m gonna make you scream. and you won’t care, baby you won’t mind if we steal away just for the night. what are you doing to me baby? woman, you’re a dream.

Gypsy Queen

gold-hair gypsy baby, call her by the name of ‘tambourine lady’. there’s no promise in her eyes, wandering is her only vice. Ooh, she’ll never stay to long, and you’ll always long for her back in your arms. She’ll give you the whole world and demand nothing in return, on the condition that you don’t get attached to her. Ooh, she’ll never stay to long, and you’ll always long for her back in your arms, but baby just want to be free. Lenora Jean, my gypsy queen, you held my heart. Lenora please show me mercy, you left me scarred. Unbound and unbridled, she’s found her place in the wild, the cosmos guide her and the stars reflect her smile.

Moon and the Sun

leaves are dying in their cycle, all proceeding. under the moonlight glides a dark and dreamy being. to the mirror, with open eyes, our dear magnolia speaks amidst her scrying, “what does this mean?” and it seems so strange now but we’ve only just begun to learn the language of the moon and the sun. a hidden door stands just between the ones that can be seen. at the labyrinth’s end: the ancient mesmerizing melody. a blurry vision soon becomes a form emerging, and now she’s crying, “what does this mean?” in the age of knowledge, set the wrinkles in your skin. there’s so much to be explained, where does one begin? the mysteries magnolia sees, ancient eyes can’t miss a thing.


minds in waiting, from a long long time ago, eyes that are fading from souls i used to know. where does it end? where does it go? and i have wondered how far it all expands, searching for answers i cannot find from men. her wonders draw me in, does she call to you to? in another life you were dying to meet her, insatiably clawing at the ether. your karmic debt, relived to regret, is this means to an end? the cosmic quest. seasons and cycles, lessons and trials sent from the void to bring the self higher.

Scorpion Sting

wayward soul, sun-struck and tired, your legs look weak, rest with me a while. you are pulling me in. come be satisfied by sweet incense and wine. my lips drip with honey for you to imbibe. i am lost in your sin. my blood moon haunts you, death sings of the scorpion’s sting. put your lips to this cup, surrender to it’s salty blood. they are taking me over. lie back now, that is enough, soon we’ll be as one. i am losing control. make way the old slow sphinx, for the enigma that is me. you have nothing to fear, your demons are dead. all that’s left now are the thoughts in your head. they’re beginning to scream. surrender your soul, i’ll put it to good use. you were nothing to begin with, you’ve got nothing to lose. now my soul is yours.